Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day and Jazz Festival

Yesterday was May Day, which is an international holiday on the first of May, also known as International Worker's Day. It is like our Labor Day. I had never seen as many people outside as I did yesterday. The weather was amazing and it happened to be the last day of the Torino Jazz Festival. The Jazz Festival is six days long and has concerts at the jazz club and all over the city in major piazzas. Yesterday, besides an array of famous jazz performers at Piazza Castello, there was a flash mob. There were so many people that it was kind of hard to see the dancing clearly, but it was pretty cool for my first flash mob. I came back to the piazza at night and the performances and energy was so amazing. If you are here during the festival, go! 

Piazza San Carlo (not a good representation of the amount of people)

Jazz Festival at Piazza Castello

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