Monday, February 11, 2013

From Snow in the Alps to Snow in the City

So, I went skiing for the first time the Italian Alps! 

I wish I could say I flew down the mountain gracefully, but instead I actually only skied for 15% of the time, slid down backwards for about 20%, tumbled down for 10%, and hiked down for the rest. It was still really fun, the view was amazing, and definitely worth the trip. The trip to Olux was only 5.40 euros each way. If you ski, don't ski, snowboard, or just like the mountains, I would really suggest making the short trip up to the alps.

Then, today in Torino, it snowed! I went on a walk and ended up getting lost for about half of it, but it was so peaceful and beautiful out, it didn't matter. 

The Mole in the snow

The Po and the Gran Madre di Dio church

Piazza Vittorio

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