Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting from A to B

Ciao! I just wanted to take a moment to share a quick tip with everyone. Lucky for all of us here in Torino, this city provides a fantastic public transportation system. However, if you're as directionally challenged as I am, getting from point A to point B can seem somewhat daunting.....but don't fear!

The other day I stumbled upon Torino's public transit website (link provided below). The site provides all kinds of information about the public transit system and all it has to offer, including maps of all available routes. What I found most helpful on the site was the Journey Planner. This tool allows you to map routes between various locations in and immediately surrounding the city. You simply select your starting and ending points, and the site generates possible routes for you to take using public transportation (including the metro, tramways, and buses). As someone who has never used public transportation before, this is very helpful to me. I hope you find it useful as well! Arrivederci!


Gruppo Torinese Transporti

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