Monday, April 15, 2013

Gardens, Parks, Pizza, Oh my!

This weekend was another perfectly relaxing one with the best weather Torino has seen yet since I have been here! 

On Saturday, I went with some of my friends to La Reggia di Venaria, which is a royal house of the Savoy family. The palace is simple but gorgeous inside. The property also includes expansive gardens. They were beautiful this weekend so I can only imagine them in full bloom! I had to pay 15 euros because I thought I forgot my museum pass. It turns out that I had it with me the whole time! If you are interested in visiting palaces and multiple museums, I would highly suggest getting a museum pass for 30 euros.
It actually felt "hot" while we were exploring the Gardens. It was amazing!
It is really easy to get there. I took the 11 bus from Via Garibaldi/Piazza Castelllo straight for about half an hour. 

Sunday was just as beautiful. I met up with Sarah and Jen at Parco Valentino. Parco Valentino is a park that lines the river from Corso Vittorio Emmanuelle to around the Nizza metro stop. There were so many families and couples enjoying the weather. We just put down blankets and did homework and relaxed. 
Free cotton candy!

The warm weather continued in to the night. My roommate Rosa and I ate pizza at the very close by La Spaccanapoli and explored a new area behind behind Via Garibaldi and Piazza Castello with a lot of restaurants. Of course, we got gelato. 


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