Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sandeman Tours

Hi all! I just wanted to take a moment to say that I do still exist, despite the lack of posts on my end. The semester has definitely gotten a lot busier in the past few weeks, and I feel like I have been traveling and studying nonstop. Since my last post I have gone to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, and Genoa. It has been an amazing two weeks but I'm completely exhausted from sight-seeing and ready for a relaxing weekend in Nice, France. After this weekend I plan to stay in Torino and spend some time enjoying the warmer weather!

While I could go on and on about the traveling I've done the past few weeks, I wanted to take a minute to recommend an amazing tour company. My boyfriend and I went to Munich this past weekend, and really wanted to get the full experience from the city. A friend had recommended Sandeman's New Europe tours, and after the great experience we had with them I felt I should pass the word along. The company offers tours in 14 cities across Europe and Isreal, including major cities London, Paris, Barcelona, and Amsterdam.

For Munich, the Sandeman's offered five unique and interesting tours. We chose to do the free walking tour of the city, the Third Reich tour, and a tour of the famous beer halls of Munich. The best thing about this company is its tour guides. First of all, they are extremely knowledgeable about the city and its history. On top of that, they make the experience fun and interactive (even when it's freezing and raining). It's hard to have very high expectations when taking a free tour, but I was blown away by how good the experience was. The other two tours were not free, but also not expensive at all. The company also gives a discount to students. The tour of the beer halls was an absolute blast; we had the opportunity to meet other people from all over the world and learn about the history of the beer halls as well as German drinking traditions. I also greatly appreciated that the company offered two very convenient and easy to find meeting places for all of the tours.

The company also offers tours to Dachau concentration camp as well as Neuschwanstein Castle, both a short trip outside the city. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to do these, but from what I've heard they are both definitely worth the trip. It is hard to fit everything this beautiful city has to offer into two short days.

It's great to know that this company operates in so many places; they are a great resource to use if you really want to get the most out of your time in a given city. Traveling has so much more meaning when you also know the history and significance behind everything you see.

Here is the link to Sandeman's website, where you can find information about all of their locations and different tours:

To top it off, here are a few photos from the trip! As always, let me know if you have questions!

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