Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What to do When You Almost Miss Your Flight in the Wee Hours of the Morning and Other Fun From London

I spent the four day easter weekend in London with my best friend who is currently studying in Paris.

It was so lovely and stress free, until I had to leave, but I'll start with all the highlights!

Friday, we took the tube to Picadilly circus and walked from there, through Lester Square to Covent Garden. The tube is London's metro system and it is ridiculously expensive. It costs around 4 pounds for a single ticket. If you spending a short time in London and plan to see a lot of the city, get the day pass which costs 7 pounds and can be used as many times as you like.
Covent Garden is an area with a lot of cute shops, restaurants, and street performers. We ate at Candy Cakes, a cupcake shop I went to in 10th grade where I had the best cupcake in my life. I got the same blueberry one and it was just as amazing.

Saturday, we visited the Victoria Albert museum, which houses everything from metal work, jewelry, and modern photography. Like most museums in London, admission is free except for special exhibits.
Next, we attempted to go to the Natural History Museum, which is right next door, but we didn't feel like waiting in a very cold line for an hour. Kyra, my roommate, who was also in London for the weekend, told me that every last friday of the month, the museum stays open past hours with open exhibits, music, food, and drinks. I wish I had known!

We then peeked our heads into Harrods, a luxury department store that is famous for its Egyptian escalator. We just smelled perfumes, rode up and down the escalator, and left for some more affordable shopping on Oxford street.

Sunday, we saw Buckingham Palace and went on a search for some stereotypical London guards.
We went to the National Gallery, which is at Trafalgar square. I wish I had spent more time there! It had a really impressive collection of art including Van Gough's Sunflowers! Trafalgar square is known for the huge lion statues flanking Nelson's column. We attempted to get pictures on a lion's back, but unlink all the agile kids, we didn't have parents to shove us up a lion's butt.

Close by the National Gallery is the National Portrait Gallery. It was also free, but Rachael and I spent 10 pounds to see the amazing Man Ray photography exhibit, which is staying until the end of May.

Last but not least, we stopped at King's Cross Station so I could see Platform 9 3/4. There was a huge line of people taking photos pretending they were going to Hogwarts. If only I had the time...

The food was great! I had fish and chips twice, Indian, Lebanese and French food, and bagels.

So, my hostel told me that I could call a cab to the easybus pickup two minutes before I had to leave. When I called, I was told it would be 20 minutes. I had the chance to take a later bus, so I said okay, but the cab was another 20 minutes late. I wasn't going to make another bus, and I didn't want to have to change my flight. I knew there wouldn't be another flight with Ryanair, which meant I would have to spend probably way to much money on another. I was panicking. I begged the cab driver to take me all the way to the airport. He said it would cost me 75 pounds! I offered 50. I ended up paying 65, but he speed there and I made my flight. Now, I know to research transportation beyond cab-bus-plane.

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