Thursday, April 11, 2013

To Travel or Not to Travel?

March was absolutely exhausting! As much fun and rewarding traveling is, it can be stressful and tiring when it is done back to back. Not to mention, it drains you of money. I've had an amazing time on the trips I've taken so far and I feel so blessed that I had the chance to go on them, but I am so happy to be back to Torino for a while.

Europe is a fantastic location for studying abroad because it is so convenient to visit other places and experience new cultures. There are plenty of places you can fly or take a train or bus to in only a weekend. Many students in my program have decided to do just that, every weekend. With out a doubt I could find more than enough places I'd like to see while I am here, but I've come to the realization after my trip-packed March, that I want to spend the rest of the time I have in Europe in Torino. (This is not including a long weekend trip to Sardegna with my cousin that I am over the moon about, and the trips I will take with my parents when they visit me at the end of this program.)

Here is why:
1) I am hopefully going to travel to Europe again. I will not, however, "live" again in Torino.
2) There is so much to do here that I haven't done yet!
3) Spring is coming and it is going to be amazing here!
4) There is a lot of school work coming up.
5) My favorite kebab shop is here.

So, for my first after March free weekend I caught up on sleep, walked up to Monte dei Cappucini, shopped, read, and enjoyed time with my roommates. I am looking forward to this coming weekend. There weather should be beautiful and I am planning to visit the Royal Gardens and hike up to Superga.

Overlooking the Po river 
Monte dei Cappucini 

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