Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let's Talk Food!

Hannah and I both decided that we should share some of our favorite places to eat here in Torino. While there are so many places I still want to try, here are some of the best places (in my opinion)!

If you really want to get a feel for traditional Piedmontese cuisine (which you should!), definitely check out L'Osteria di Pierantonio. It's located near to the school at Via Bizozzero 15, right off of the Spezia metro stop. The owner, Pier, is extremely friendly and speaks great English! It's a great place to try a full course Italian meal (that will without a doubt be absolutely delicious) and mingle with the locals.

Another of my favorites is Taverna Rossa, located at Via Valperga Caluso 22, close to the Nizza metro stop (and my apartment!). This is my go-to place for delicious and very affordable food. They have a large selection of brick oven pizzas. My favorite is the margherita, which believe it or not is only three euro! They also have a student special on weekdays; you can get their pasta of the day with a beverage for only five euro!

Now I'm going to let you in on a very exclusive secret. You CAN find good Mexican food in Torino! As a California girl, I'm used to having Mexican on a pretty regular basis; so the sudden burrito detox was kind of a shock to my system. Don't get me wrong, I do love Italian food. But sometimes all I can think about is a giant plate of nachos. If you ever find yourself in the same mindset, make your way over to Mamasita Ristorante & Cantina. This little slice of heaven is located near the Dante metro stop, at the corner of Corso Carlo and Nello Rosselli. The prices are a bit on the higher side, but you get free chips and salsa with your meal and could easily split one of their many large dishes. I recommend the chicken tacos and the nachos! Who would have thought?

Now onto what's really important....gelato! This is tough because there are so many amazing places (I mean, it is Italy after all). The best place I have found is La Romana. There are several locations, but the closest to me is on Via Madama Cristina (conveniently located right where the bus drops me off). It's the creamiest most delicious thing I've ever eaten, and they have a great selection of flavors. To top things off, they have crepes too! What more could a girl want?

I hope this has been helpful and possibly made you drool a little as well. There is a huge selection of restaurants in Torino; I just wish I had time to try them all!

Ciao for now!

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